Hp Gas Online Booking

Hp gas cylinder booking online 

In past the procedure of online booking was not followed by any gas agency. Customers were facing so many problems  because  there were not  any quick and fast technique through which the customers Could  get the connection easily .Earlier people use to go office to book the gas and they  had to stay and wait in a queue for long hours to book the connection . Earlier the system of booking the gas were very slow and people were use to face so many problems. Another problem was that when people done with their registration they were not assured to get the gas on time. After that with the advancement of technology Internet came into existence followed by online facilities. Earlier the companies did not confide on the online booking procedures but with growing technology the LPG companies started adopting the online booking system.  Hp provides the easy and fast facility of online gas booking through which customers can book the gas online and place the order. The following steps to be followed:

Hindustan petroleum has provides its customers various steps to book the gas online:

1). To book the HP Gas Cylinder Online you have to visit the official website of Hindustan Petroleum(www.hindustanpetroleum.com) where you have to sign up for a new account and get register themselves.

2) Registration process is very easy the customer has to fill the email and password form of their choice, they also have to fill the customer id form and after that they will receive the verification email and the customer has to verify the email address which they will receive on their email.

2). The user needs to login into the registered account with their valid login id and a valid email address.

3). After entering into the account or login into it a user needs to enter the customer id or consumer id.

4). Here the consumer will get the details of gas cylinder, purchase order, order status,    delivery status etc.

5).One of the main feature of online gas booking is that it is unique, time saving, easy and convenient way to get the gas order.

6) If any customer forget his/her password then HP website provides the option of recovering the password.

7). The online booking facility is available for few HP gas distributors and the customer needs to mention the name of the authorized HP distributor.

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