HP Gas Online

Hindustan Petroleum Gas has provided its Customer to Book an HP gas online

Hindustan Petroleum is one of the outcomes of modern technology and innovational phenomenon. It has brought up new kitchen fuel to make our cooking more pleasurable.


tips of safety1.HP Revolutionary Changes has brought LPG gas Booking through Online:

The official website of HP is www.hindustanpetroleum.com. The consumer who could not travel to the regional office could go this official website and book your order here. After this a ‘Jihaan Account’ will be opened. The consumer is required to make an email Id and password of his or her choice, within the prescription given. The unique characteristic of this registration is if the consumer forgets about his password. He can straight forward go to the link which is ‘forget password’ link. After that the consumer has to approach the HP distributor or representative got post registration process. And submit all the required documents attested with gazette officer

art of awareness hp gas 2.The Documents Required to Submit for New Booking of HP Gas cylinder:

For submission there are two kinds of documents required, one is the identity proof that could be Ration Card /Voter Id Card /Passport/ Aadhar Card /Driving License/ Passbook of a government or nationalized bank/ Pan Card. And other is residence proof like property papers, government allotment receipt, rent agreement etc. Apart from that in states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, ration card is mandatory. The telephone bill and electricity bill is also required for you to submit for verification of your present stay. After verification the subscription voucher is given to the consumer along with domestic gas connection card. Consumer is asked to maintain these documents for refilling of LPG gas cylinder and in case of shift of residence.

182183.Security Deposit rates for HP gas New Connection: There is security money one has to pay while having a new gas connection. Which is like

For two cylinder Rs 2500

For one cylinder Rs 125

For one regulator Rs 150, this is refundable at the time of cylinder termination.

 This security money is refunded when gas connection is terminated. For getting, 

refund the subscription card and domestic gas holder card need to be maintained.

4.Other ways of booking the HP gas connection:

In other way of booking one can make a call to the number 12665 which is active for 24*7 service.

Another is to sms at this number which is also a 24*7 service. Other offline methods are also applicable as one can meet the nearest branch authority and ask for the gas connection. They will give the local distributors contact details. For refilling the gas connection you are required to call or sms on that vary number and have a perpetual advantage. 

Online Booking Advantages

Gas image 3One of the main feature of online gas booking is that it is unique, time saving, easy and convenient way to get the gas order.

If any customer forget his/her password then HP website provides the option of recovering the password.

The online booking facility is available for few HP gas distributors and the customer needs to mention the name of the authorized HP distributor.


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